If you have curly hair you have probably spent an extensive amount of time researching how to take care of your curls. Trying to find someone you can trust after many cuts that have gone wrong and left you traumatized. At times, you have trimmed your own curls, waited too long before getting a professional cut, and straightened your hair before your haircut appointment so they cut only what is necessary. We get it!

Curly hair is beautiful, playful, and delicate. Curls are not created equal -- You may have 2-4 different textures in your hair. It is crucial to not only find the right curl specialist but the right type of cut for your specific curls. Curls are unique and have a mind of their own. Not everyone masters how to cut them properly.

You’ve done your research but now are wondering what type of cut is best for your curls. We have gathered tips from salon owner and curl expert, Pam Garcia, about how to decide which cut is best for your hair type. 

You may want a WET curly cut…

If you have 2A to 3B curls (loose/spiral/ringlets pattern)

If you want more movement and volume

If you want to enhance and define your curls and/or change your style

If you want to create a more uniform curl pattern



You may want a DRY curly cut...

If you have 3C to 4C curls

If you want a more organic look

If you have tighter curls with natural volume (corkscrew to weblike pattern)

If you want to maintain length and/or style



Remember, our curl specialists at Salon San Carlos will always customize your curly girl look to fit your personality, needs and lifestyle. Set up a complimentary consultation with our curl experts today!