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The title of this article is Step-by-Step Tutorial for Christmas and Holiday Party Hairstyle (chic and easy!)

  • This article was posted on Dec 05, 2020
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  • The author of this article is Hylene Garcia
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2020 has been difficult and just.. weird for all of us. We've got an easy hairstyle that is perfect for staying in and having a virtual party on Zoom! 

For this hairstyle you will need: bobby pins, clear elastics, cute hairpin of your choice!

1) Section your hair into four ponytails.

Hair divided into 4 sections

2) Split the first ponytail in half.

3) Grab the second ponytail and pull it in between the first one.

4) Combine the ponytail you just created with the third ponytail. Secure with an elastic.

5) Continue this process until you reach the other side of your head.

6) Make sure to secure your hair with an elastic.

7) Pull your hair apart to create bigger "bubbles".

8) It should look like this!

9) Pin the rest of your hair up with bobby pins.

10) Accessorize with your favorite hairpin!


You are all done! 

To watch the video version of this tutorial, click here. If you try this hairstyle out, tag us on instagram @salonsancarlos and be sure to follow us for more tutorials!