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  • This article was posted on Jun 17, 2023
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Did you know that the beauty industry generates 877 pounds of waste every minute? That's why we decided to partner up with Green Circle Salons back in 2019 and became a Certified Sustainable Salon.

Green Circle is a company that diverts 95% of salon waste from landfills and waterways and finds ways to repurpose it. Things that were once considered waste, such as hair, metal and chemical residue, are now being shipped to a green circle facility to be recovered and repurposed.   

Did you know that human hair is VERY absorbent? After your salon visit, we sweep up your hair, send it to a GC facility where they create hair booms to help cleanup OIL spills! Color tubes, aerosol cans and used aluminum foils are made into new metal, and chemical residue (excess color waste) is turned into new sources of clean energy and water.

Salon San Carlos, located in Pensacola, is a high-volume hair salon. Every week, we used to fill up our trash cans and sometimes we even had to take trash/boxes home because of lack of space in our bins. We are proud to say that since our partnership with Green Circle Salons in 2019, Salon San Carlos has diverted thousands of pounds of waste. How cool is that?!  

Your salon visit has a huge impact on the environment. By simply coming to your appointment, you can help us become a sustainable community! 

Join the movement to keep people AND the planet beautiful.

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