The Ultimate Guide to Proper Home Hair Care

Proper home hair care might seem like a daunting task with a wealth of information out there. However, we’re here to simplify it for you. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the essentials of maintaining healthy hair and a happy scalp in an easy-to-understand manner. Whether you’re an adult, a child, or even a beloved pet, everyone can benefit from quality hair care routines.

Who Can Benefit from Proper Hair Care?
Quality home hair care is for everyone! Adults, children, and even our furry friends can expect healthy results from professional hair products.

What is Prescriptive Haircare?
Have you heard of prescriptive haircare? It’s a personalized regimen designed by a professional after an in-depth scalp and hair analysis. Your hair stylist will craft a tailored plan to address any hair issues, helping you achieve your hair’s full health potential.

Where to Buy Professional Hair Products:
For the best results, we recommend purchasing professional hair products from salons that are well-versed in healthy haircare lines. If you decide to buy outside of the salon, do your research and understand the ingredients that will come in direct contact with your skin and pores.

When to Seek Professional Help:
Concerned that your current hair products may be causing problems? Look out for signs like excessive hair loss, itchy scalp (dermatitis), dandruff, oily scalp with dry split ends, or a waxy buildup on your hair. In such cases, consult a professional to determine suitable treatments and future hair care steps.

Professional vs. Mass Market Products:
Why choose professional products over store-bought ones? Mass market products often contain what we call the “dirty dozen,” including harsh sulfate-based detergents, wax-based parabens, and even formaldehyde-based ingredients. These can harm your hair and skin over time. Professional products are formulated to protect and nourish your hair and scalp without harsh chemicals. They also typically include UV protection and other beneficial ingredients.

Knowledge is Key:
Schedule an appointment with your stylist to find the best professional care for you. By doing so, you’ll enjoy longer-lasting color, thicker, stronger hair, and quick relief from issues like dandruff and buildup. Your hair is a crucial part of your body’s protection system, so taking care of it is essential for your overall health.

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