Pensacola Hairstylist: Katey Klusmann

Color. Cuts. Curls. Coils. Styling.

Let’s take it back to the early 2000s when, Pensacola hairstlyist, Katey began on her journey as a skincare specialist and makeup artist, fresh out of Pensacola State College with a licensed esthetician degree. She later pursued her passion for makeup artistry and Special FX at the renowned Joe Blasco Institute in Orlando. However, in 2009, Katey decided to pivot and delve into the world of hair artistry, earning her cosmetologist license back at Pensacola State College. Her dedication to her craft led her to a year of intensive training under the guidance of Pam Garcia at Salon San Carlos (formerly Self Salon). Today, she stands as our longest-serving stylist and a cherished member of the Salon San Carlos team.
Over the years, Katey’s pursuit of excellence has driven her to invest countless hours in refining her skills. She has sought training from some of the nation’s finest hair stylists, earning numerous certifications in various disciplines, such as blonding, color, cutting, and styling techniques. Her dedication extends beyond conventional practices, as she underwent specialized training in NYC with the Ouidad Curl Experts, becoming a certified “Curl Specialist.”
With a strong focus on hair care, Katey takes pride in her continuous education in trichology—the science of hair and scalp health. Leveraging her expertise, she creates personalized, prescriptive hair care routines for each client, restoring life to their hair. Her areas of expertise encompass haircutting, coloring, blonding, and catering to all curls and textures. Katey’s passion lies in empowering others to unleash their full potential, and she accomplishes this not only by educating her guests during their appointments but also by serving as an esteemed educator for Full Spectrum Curl Education. As a cutting educator, she imparts her knowledge to fellow stylists, equipping them with the essential foundations of cutting and styling various hair textures.
When you book an appointment with Katey, you’re not just getting a hair transformation but an enriching experience. Her chair conversations are full of valuable insights, making each visit an enjoyable and educational journey. Discover the magic of Katey’s talent as she works wonders on your hair, ensuring you leave our salon feeling confident and rejuvenated.”
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