Pensacola Stylist: Hollyn Ursrey

Color. Blonding. Curls. Cuts.

Pensacola stylist, Hollyn Ursrey, brings passion and innovation to every style. Graduating from Fortis Institute with a cosmetology degree, Hollyn’s commitment to excellence propelled her towards Salon San Carlos (formerly Self Salon). Under the guidance of owner Pam Garcia, she honed her skills in cutting and coloring during a year-long training program. Now, Hollyn stands as an award-winning colorist, equipped with certifications in balayage, foiling, and highlighting, offering a diverse array of styles from platinum radiance to vibrant vivids.

Hollyn’s dedication to mastering her craft is evident in her tireless pursuit of knowledge. Her expertise extends to corrective and transformative coloring, and she fearlessly embraces challenges. Beyond technical prowess, Hollyn’s certification as a curl specialist showcases her commitment to inclusivity and expertise with all hair textures. This comprehensive approach aligns with her top priority: helping guests confidently express themselves. Guided by a passion for design and ongoing education, Hollyn ensures each guest enjoys a personalized, unforgettable experience at Salon San Carlos.
Woman with curly hair getting a haircut. This salon has curly hair expertise.

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