Studio Session: Marissa

In this collaboration between the artists at Salon San Carlos and our photographer, a styled photoshoot was brought to life that showcased Marissa’s gorgeous curls. We invited two artists, one who specialized in the cutting and another who created the vibrant block of color to enhance the natural beauty of her hair. The model was the muse for the project, allowing our artists complete creative freedom from start to finish. Together, they experimented with various styles and worked closely with the photographer to capture every moment.


Every collaboration we embark on begins with something different. This all started with our model, Marissa. She came to us with an open mind and awarded our team with the creative freedom to explore cut, style, and color that inspired our artists. We wanted to show off her natural pattern and textures while injecting a pop of color to add excitement to the concept. There were three different looks that included Marissa’s hair, her wardrobe, and backdrop design to create three unique vibes all within a singular studio session with photographer TinyObservations.


For Marissa’s cut, we wanted it to be both big and bold. Maintaining the length she already had, our artists created a round shape that perfectly framed her face, enhancing the volume in her hair. Moving into the color, we prelightened a block of hair that was offset on the front hairline to create space for a customized pink hue that gave a pop of contrast to her aesthetic.