Studio Session: Nicole

This styled photoshoot was curated by the artists at Salon San Carlos as the beginning of an innovative collaboration between the salon and our photographer. The project aimed to explore new creative avenues all within a studio setting with a variety of backdrops. Through this, Salon San Carlos blended the expertise of our professionals with the artistic vision of our photography partner to create a set of images that seamlessly merged style and art.


We wanted to create a bold, high-contrast look with lots of saturation. We explored a couple of different looks for each model during the shoot, changing the backdrop and wardrobe slightly with each one. A red backdrop was deployed to create a monochromatic look and, when we wanted to lean into high contrast against the hair color, we swapped it out for a green backdrop.


For Nicole’s hair, we started with a full foil with chunky weaves to create a canvas for this high-impact red color that was both bold and rich. Additionally, we cut and styled her hair to accentuate her natural curl pattern with a rounded shape.