Salon San Skatepark

“Salon San Skatepark” is a fresh photoshoot that combines the architectural grit of a skatepark with the style and personality of two unique models. The first model rocked naturally curly copper red hair with a warm golden copper balayage, bringing a touch of confidence and contrast to the urban setting. Alongside her, the second model sported a mid-length bob with subtle warm face frame foil, adding a hint of sophistication to the scene. Through creative angles and thoughtful styling, this series captures the fusion of fashion and urban culture in a way that feels both natural and captivating.


The concept for this shoot was all about location. We knew we wanted to use the aesthetic of the park without making it too obvious that we were at a skatepark in the finished product. This meant that we honed in on the contrast of the smooth concrete surfaces and the dimensional textures of the models’ hair.


Trinity: For Trinity’s haircut, we maintained her length and gave her some long layers with a fringe and face frame. On the color side of things, we did a dimensional balayage to enhance some brighter warmth, bringing dimension into her natural red hair.

Chelsea: We cut Chelsea’s hair into a mid-length bob with some textured fringe pieces to accent around the face. For color, we created a natural highlight to add an additional accent to her face.