Alma Rogel

Haircutting Artist + Curl Specialist

Meet Alma, a passionate hair artist who believes that hair is a canvas for expressing who we are. With a knack for keeping up with the latest trends and a dedication to continuous learning, Alma is all about helping you feel confident and free in your own skin.
Graduating from Pensacola State College with a Cosmetology license, was just the beginning of Alma’s journey. She spent a valuable year learning from Pam Garcia, the owner of Salon San Carlos (formerly Self Salon), refining her skills and finding her creative spark.
Alma’s quest for knowledge took her to the iconic Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, CA, where she learned the art of hairstyling from a fresh perspective. She’s also proudly certified as a Curl Specialist with Full Spectrum Curl Education.
Diversity is Alma’s forte – she loves working with all hair types. Whether it’s giving vibrant color, creating stylish short cuts, or embracing those beautiful curls, she’s got you covered. Alma’s true passion is bringing out your confidence and inner freedom. It’s not just about the hair; it’s about feeling empowered.
But Alma’s journey isn’t just about skills – it’s about connections. She’s refined her styling techniques through training with Sharon Blain, adding a touch of finesse that makes her stand out.
With Alma, hair becomes an art form. Her blend of skill, creativity, and genuine care creates experiences that help you embrace your true self. Get ready to discover a world where hair is more than strands – it’s a reflection of you, guided by the expertise of Alma.

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